Calca Series

The Calca series is used for treatment of specific conditions:
-Plantar fasciitis and pressure relief of calcaneal spurs
  -Long term follow up after calcaneal fractures 
 -Overuse symptoms such as with osteoporotic conditions 
 -Neurogenic related conditions
 -Achilles tendon strain

Calca II

Both models are available in:  
-EU Sizes 35 - 48  
-Full Length or 3/4 Length

Calca Pro X

The CALCA PRO X achieves optimized relief of the plantar fascia. A moulded groove extends far into the longitudinal foot arch taking the load and mechanical stress away from the painful area of the sole. The well balanced arch support perfectly redistributes forces to reduce the patient’s level of pain. The durable polyurethane cushion material absorbs impact forces and contributes to pressure redistribution under the hind-foot.
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