The Dynamic Walk is a dynamic foot lifter AFO made of a lightweight carbon fibre composite and double PEEK rods that provide high strength and superior flexibility. This allows you to perform tasks such as drive a car or climb stairs, since it provides stable free movement of the ankle and constant lifting of the foot. The open heel construction allows for natural foot movement and the slim foot design fits easily into normal shoes.
The revolutionary thermoplastic carbon fibre (TFC) material offers the strength and stability of carbon fibre with the re-formable attributes of a thermoplastic. This gives the possibility of reshaping and trimming the composite material to suit the individual. The TFC material’s attributes provide rigidity in the planes required to perform reliably whilst providing superior flexibility in all other planes to give exceptional comfort to the patient.
The PEEK Rods are the key to the Dynamic Walk’s lifting action and flexibility. When the ankle is at around 90° position, the rods are held in a loaded position. The stored energy in these rods at 90° plus is used to actively lift the foot and prevent foot drop at the swing phase. The PEEK rods allow pantar flexion beyond 90° which unlike rigid AFOs, allow activities such as crouching, walking up or down stairs and driving.

Dynamic Walk Variants

Product Specifications

-Double dynamic PEEK rods
-Open heel - Slim foot (fits easily into shoe)
-Flexible calf band

-Thermoplastic carbon fibre
-Stainless steel rod end inserts
-Kevlar outer rod covers
-PEEK rods

-Washable Lycra & Polyester
-Can be purchased separately
-Optional calf strap included

-12 Months from delivery date
-The serial number must be intact

Shoe Selection
-Laced with a firm heel
-Removable insole recommended
Shoes must not be higher than malleolus

-Spot heat the carbon fibre with a heat gun up to 120°C (Higher temperatures cause de-lamination)
-Do not heat and reshape the PEEK rods or the area where the rods meet the carbon fibre

-Disc prolapse - Stroke
-Multiple sclerosis
-Peroneal neuropathy
-Flaccid or Drop Foot caused by conditions including -Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease 

The Dynamic Walk is not suitable for patients with the following conditions/symptoms:
-Lower leg contractures
-Very unstable ankle in the frontal plane
-Ankle arthrodesis  
The Dynamic Walk is available in 3 stock sizes: small, medium and large. These sizes are designed to fit the majority of patients with very little or no adjustment. When you order your Dynamic Walk, you may find that the dimensions of the stock size are a close match but do not fit perfectly. When this is the case, the dynamic walk can be easily modified with a heat gun for the perfect fit. This modification process will allow you to create a truly custom fit for your dynamic walk.
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