LOC Scoliosis Dynamic Corrective Padding

The LOC Scoliosis Dynamic Corrective padding system offers the best choice in scoliosis treatment when the corrective pads require frequent positional adjustment to accommodate for curve changes and rapid patient growth. The Padding system itself can be easily adapted to present scoliosis systems. This means that they can be used with existing prefabricated or custom orthoses and thus provides a cost effective method of extending the life of an orthosis. 
Features - LOC Scoliosis Brace
- 5/32” Copolymer
-3/16” Thermaliner
-Built-in Illiac Crest Pads
-Available in 15° lordosis
-Made to measure 
-delivery 5 - 6 days
-Made to cast 
-Delivery 12 days
-Finished or unfinished 

Features - LOC Dynamic Padding
-Manufactured with dual density thermobonded orthopaedic foam
-Cost effectively extends orthosis life
-Corrective pads can be changed without damaging the liner of existing orthoses
-Easily adapted to current scoliosis systems
-Successful treatment results on curves with an apex above T8 without using a superstructure
-Successful treatment results on double curves

- Idiopathic scoliosis
-Some neuromuscular scoliosis
-Control of progressive curves 
-Accommodation of curve changes during treatment
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